Collection: Coffin-shaped press-on nails

Sleek, Classy, Salon-Quality Press-on Nails


  1. Prep the Cuticles. Your press-ons will look best (and last longer) when applied to well-groomed nails
  2. File and Buff the Nails
  3. Clean the Nails. Free of oils 
  4. Size the Press-Ons
  5. Adhere the Press-Ons- apply glue both to real nail and press-on
  6. Make sure nail is applied from the base of nail bed to prevent air bubbles and for longer lasting results 
  7. Hold glue for 15-20 seconds
  8. Keep Hands Dry for 1 hour post installation 
  9. Take pics and send to us! Enjoy ☺️