Our Story

We started off with a moisturizing plumping gloss which was very important. In regards to beauty, there are different levels of makeup which all depends on the occasion or mood. This lipgloss was designed to give you glossy lips while adding moisture and plumping your lips (which is the tingling effect) simultaneously.  Pair it with a liner, lip color or by itself, but we guarantee it’s top quality!! If I wouldn’t use it personally, I wouldn’t offer it for you beauty queens.

As of today, we added natural 3D lashes that are flirty and yet give a clean look. Whether you are stepping out for girls night or you want something with a no-makeup, makeup look, we have the styles for you! 

This company has the goal of delivering beauty needs by providing  quality products and optimal customer service! Thank you for believing in us as we continue to grow our brand. Loyal customers will always get opportunities for discounts and alerts on what’s to come! 💕